Esther Bosshard

A small space in the world

14 November – 3 December 2023

In a world increasingly fragmented, chaotic and noisy, my paintings are a manifestation of my quest for a simpler, quieter meditation on life, and pay homage to the modest overlooked objects and landscapes in our lives.

I have always been interested in the conceptualisation of the everyday in painting, because I love the myriad of detail, colour, pattern, form and light that we live amongst and remain largely oblivious to. My paintings, I hope, encourage introspection, recognition, and at the very best, the opening of the eyes of the viewer to the incidental beauty in his or her own life.

A lot of these paintings are inspired by photographs we inherited from my grandfather after he died. I am fascinated by what happens to these snippets in time after the people who they belonged to are no longer there to remember them. I sometimes feel like those people who used to colour in black and white photographs, brought them to life. I don’t know most of the figures in the paintings – people who my grandfather and grandmother knew but whose lives never overlapped with mine.

I hope that you find some of your own loved ones in these paintings.

Esther Bosshard, November 2023