Geoff Dixon

Imagine if 11 year old Geoff Dixon realised that the Southland doctor taking out his tonsils in 1965 was the man who rediscovered the Takahe? And that Geoff would use the Takahe as a bellwether to show that humankind was rapidly destroying the planet, across a 40 year painting career?

Geoff Dixon was born in Bluff, New Zealand in 1954, and studied graphic design at the Christchurch Technical Institute, 1974-75. He was the 1997 Art Foundation Artist-in-Residence in Southland, and the Art Centre of Christchurch’s Artist-in-Residence, 2007-8. He lives and works in Cairns, Queensland.

Geoff has long been concerned with the fragility of the natural world alongside the human drive for collection and preservation, and with our contribution to the tragedy of extinction. He confronts his audience regularly with the unsettling fact that a third of New Zealand’s remaining bird species are in serious decline. Geoff uses birds on the verge of extinction to reflect the state of our ecology and he says that the paintings are also ‘portraits of us.’

Solo Exhibitions

Group Exhibitions

  • Wrapped, 2023
  • You won’t believe your eyes…a visual miscellany, 2023
  • Wrapped, 2020
  • January stock show, 2018
  • What’s in the drawers, 2017
  • January works from stock, 2013
  • Wrapped, 2011
  • Stuff up, 2011
  • New works on paper, 2009
  • Stock show, 2008
  • And while we are away…, 2008
  • Works on paper/ drawings in stock, 2007
  • Landscape, 2006
  • Work in stock, 2005
  • Works on paper/ Drawings, 2004
  • Group show, 2002