Melanie Mills

Melanie Mills was born in Britain. Her family immigrated to Auckland where she spent her childhood and went to university. After period of time overseas, she returned, settling in Wellington. She is a self taught artist working principally in oil paints, but also exploring watercolour and pastels. Over the last ten years she has exhibited mainly in Auckland, and now recently in Wellington.
Her subjects are simple interior still life scenes, and often overlooked landscape subjects such as wild trees and overgrown hedges. She finds joy and the pleasure of quiet meditation in these subjects, bringing this feeling into her work. She is influenced by 19th and 20th century French and English landscape artists in particular such as Bonnard and Hockney and the New Zealand artists Frances Hodgkins and Joanna Margaret Paul. She is also interested in Japanese Ukiyo-e prints and the impact they have on European art.

Group Exhibitions