Phil Dadson

Little Doomsdays

14 November – 3 December 2023

Little Doomsdays, is the fifth collaboration between Nic Low and Phil Dadson, win Lloyd Jones’ kōrero series. The selected works in this exhibition are all a part of this collaborative project. Originals and limited edition prints are available. If you are interested in the print series, available in A2 & A3 sizes at $350 & $250 respectively – do let us know. The text is available for purchase from Unity Books.

‘Little Doomsdays’…takes an abstract, circular and mystical approach to themes of knowledge, the vessels that contain it – both institutional and living – and the shifting values that might be applied to it, throughout time and space. The arc is a central motif: Bothe the ark as a floating holder of things and beings, real and recorded; and the arc, a portion of a circle, as a metaphor for living and learning. Low’s text intrigues and baffles, and is neatly paired with images made by Dadson, which range from line-centric doodles to blooming washes of colour, which could be maps, moons or molecules. As with other books in the series, this volume rewards those who do not require their reading experience to be linear, conductive and / or logical, and is all the better for it. Don Abbott, Art New Zealand, 188, Summer 2023-24, p. 106.